Sampa, Leather Lane (Clerkenwell Rd)

Sampa is a great alternative to the better-known coffee shops in the middle of Leather Lane. It is not cheap, but seems a bit more friendly and less…over-cool.

Sampa coff

Attractive and deceptively spacey coffee shop on the corner of Portpool Lane. Good selection of seats and benches, with views of the market outside. Lots of snacks and baked goods for sale to go along with your coffee, and a good selection of coffees and teas (the coffee is roasted in Shoreditch by Ozone, apparently).


Good espresso, albeit at Leather Lane prices. I prefer here to Dept of Coffee and Social Affairs and Prufrock, just 100m up the road. Not stepped over the hipster line – just enough hipster, let’s say (is that a thing?).

I’ll be back, although I suspect it gets busy at lunchtime.

Coffee ****
Environment ****

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