Poll: Where do you think the coffee is best?

I’m curious if I’m missing an area of London that serves great coffee. I’ve visited over 200 places (not all are up on the site yet) in lots of London, but there are whole regions of this vast metropolis that I have never explored, and many more where I have merely passed through.

Let me know your suggestions in the poll below, and I’ll check them out.

Ruby, Hoxton Square


More a cafe / restaurant than strictly a coffee shop, it’s a friendly little place with about 10 tables inside, and half that number outside in a small patio overlooking the famous square.

It appears to offer Caffe Vergnano coffee but I found it disappointingly weak. Not unpleasant, just not brilliant. Ah well – the good food at decent prices made up for it.

Coffee ***
Environment ****
Others **** (food, drink and vibe – you’re in hipster heaven, after all)

Fix, Whitecross St


I’ve been here over the years and seen improvements. It’s family friendly, close to the local playpark, so often has parents and buggies squeezed between the sofas. Laid-back atmosphere contrasts with the City of London and Barbican just a hundred metres south, and the bustling Whitecross market just outside.

It is good for a lazy Sunday – even if it is Wednesday afternoon. The coffee is fine – good, strong taste. Perhaps a little too treacly, but not unpleasant. You could easily pass an hour or two.

Coffee ***
Environment ****

The Espresso Room, Great Ormond St


Bijoux like a London studio apartment, The Espresso Room is opposite the famous children’s hospital serving top-notch coffee blends alongside snacks – pastries and sandwiches. Lovely smooth and strong espresso in a tiny glass (much smaller than it appears), it’s a lovely place to spend five minutes. Four small wooden benches allow a few people to stop and sit, but the shop is only 6 feet wide and 10 feet long so no real space to move.

Coffee *****
Environment ***

Dept of Coffee, 14-16 Leather Lane, EC1N (nr Chancery Lane, Farringdon)

Yum. Massive crema in top, bitter and dark shot underneath. Excellent coffee.

The environment is nice and funky too. Bare walls and floors with minimalist tables and chairs, and a couple of spaces to sit down and hide, or watch Leather Lane market go by through the floor to ceiling windows. Copies of fashion & design magazines (Wallpaper*) are available.

For some reason, populated by Australian baristas. Seems to be a theme now in London. Perfectly pleasant. See their website for more details.

Downside: coffee and sandwiches are eye-wateringly expensive.

Coffee ****

£2 (Ouch!)

Environment ****

Service ***

Caffe Alba, Oxo Tower, South Thames Embankment

Good Italian cafe, run by real Italians.

Espresso is by Lavazza – which I normally find bland – but well made.

There are lots of nice seats and tables, with a few outside overlooking the Thames. If you’re walking between the London Eye and the Tate Modern, it’s one of the best places to stop for coffee.

Single espresso £1.54

Coffee ***

Environment ****