Pitfield, 31-35 Pitfield St, Hoxton / Shoreditch


Half furniture shop, half café, Pitfield is a curious mash-up with food, drink, pizza and futons. Imagine going to Habitat or Heal’s and sitting down in the display to eat. But it works. I’ll definitely come back.

The coffee is long and weak – very ‘French’ – but perfectly pleasant. It’s not the cheapest, but there are more expensive options nearby too.


Coffee ***
Environment ****
Others **** (food & furniture – though it’s not licenced)


Shoreditch Grind, Old St Roundabout


Well, at £2.20 for the cheapest espresso it’s hardly a low cost option, and the two wood tables and benches around the windows provide only wooden stools and chairs, so comfort’s not premium.

Service (on a Sunday morning) is business-like rather than friendly, and so slow that a croissant and espresso took nearly 15 minutes to be brought to the table (there were probably four orders ahead of mine). In fact, I had to remind staff of the food order. So it has to be the coffee that justifies the price tag. Right?


Well, it’s nice – treacle-ish and powerful. It’s good coffee. But overall, this place was very hard to love.

Coffee ****
Environment **
Others ** (service & speed were poor)